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The following forms are available for download:

Homestead Exemption

Homestead Exemption Application (OTC 921) [fillable PDF]

You can also fill out and submit a Homestead Exemption application online.

Property Valuation Limitation and Additional Homestead Exemption

Additional Homestead Exemption and/or Senior Valuation Limitation (OTC 994) [Only available January 1 – March 15]

Business Personal

Business Personal Property Rendition (OTC 901) [PDF]

Business Personal Property Petroleum Related (OTC 901-P) [PDF]

Business Personal Property Petroleum Related Asset Listing (OTC 904-3-P) [PDF]

Business Personal Freeport Exemption Form (OTC 901-F) [PDF]

Leased Personal Property Rendition (OTC 901) [PDF]

Intangible Personal Property Exemption (OTC 901-IP) [PDF]

Asset Listing (OTC 904-A) [PDF]

Individual Personal Property Boat Dock Rendition (OTC 924-B) [PDF]

Tax Exempt Manufacturing Application (OTC 900XM) [PDF]

Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housing Rendition (OTC 935-MH) [PDF]

Manufactured Home—Personal Property Exemption (OTC 952) [PDF]

Informal Protest

Informal Protest (OTC 974) [fillable PDF]

If you will be represented by an attorney, agent, or other representative at the informal hearing, you must furnish our office with written authorization signed by you, the record owner. This authorization must be hand delivered, mailed, or otherwise in possession of this office on or prior to the scheduled protest hearing date. You may use the form below for this purpose.

Authorization to Represent Record Owner [PDF]


Religious Affidavit (OTC 987) [PDF]

Charitable Affidavit (OTC 988) [PDF]

Charitable Residential Rental Accommodations (OTC 988-A) [PDF]

Application for Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Schools and Colleges (OTC 988-S) [PDF]

Non-Bona Fide Purchaser

Affidavit for Non-Bona Fide Purchaser of Lots [PDF]

Attachment to Lots Affidavit [PDF]

Agricultural Land

Agricultural Land Use Statement [PDF]

Individual Agricultural Personal Property (OTC 924) [PDF]

Application For Agriculture Exemption Permit [PDF]

Application For Agriculture Exemption Permit For Marijuana Grow Facility [PDF]

3 Year Business Plan Oklahoma Agricultural Sales Tax Exemption [PDF]

Mailing Address Change Request

Mailing Address Change Request Form [PDF]

Open Records Request

Please use our online Open Records Request form

Request for Review of Damaged Property

Request for Review of Damaged Property [PDF]

Storm Shelter Exemption

Storm Shelter Exemption (OTC 905) [PDF]

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